Buffalo Bar Pattaya
Buffalo Bar third Road (3rd road) Pattaya Thailand.
Buffalo Bar
Pattaya Third Road
Buffalo Bar Pattaya
Buffalo Bar Pattaya
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If you wish to walk to the bar, it is 10 mins from Mikes Shopping Mall. Next to Diana Inn Hotel, walk up Soi Diana Inn to the crossroads (300 Metres) with Soi Buakhao. Straight across into Soi Lengkee. Go to the end (150 Metres), look to the right and you can see Buffalo Bar the other side of the road about 50 metres away to the right.
The official fare tariff for a baht bus is 60 Baht if going to Buffalo Bar at your request from Central Pattaya (as on the main Baht Bus Route Zone). Normally they will ask for 100 baht, but usually you can negotiate a lower fare.
PATTAYA METER TAXIS are Bangkok style taxis in blue and yellow. Controlled by the Baht Bus Consortium, they will NEVER use the meter and will quote fixed prices 2-3 times reality or more. Do not waste your money. Use the traditional Blue Baht Buses - Same company, but more realistic prices.
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